About FLD and Dr. Dave

FLD Enterprises is a company specializing in consulting and
market research for the adhesive and sealant industries and is
located in "Polymer Valley" near Akron OH, USA.

Dr. Dave Dunn is a British born scientist and is the principal of
FLD Enterprises. With BS, MS and PhD degrees in Polymer
Science, he is a former Vice President and Director of Research
for Loctite Corporation and has consulted for many adhesives/
sealants manufacturers and users in the Americas, Europe and
Asia. He is the author of 5 books and many patents and articles.

He writes for Assembly Magazine and is a Contributing Editor of
Adhesives & Sealants Industry Magazine where he contibutes
the monthly Q&A column entitled
 “Ask Dr. Dave”.

Dr. Dave also helped to produce the History Channel's  Modern
Marvels program entitled "Glue".
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About FLD